credit and fraud insurance & credit management

Van Helden International Business has a specialized and independent broker in credit insurance and credit management tools as a busines partner. Every day they support companies in their revenue growth and the development of their domistic and foreign ( worldwide ) markets so that they are able to continue in a secure manner. The payments of your invoices are quaranteed and they arrive faster. They also offer solutions for the increasing emerging cyber attacks. For internal and external business fraud, they deliver solutions in terms of prevention and insurance.

They do not only ensure the continuous optimization of the guarantees and cost of credit insurance but they can also offer advice and support on all cross-border projects:

  • Financial: factoring to project financing and guarantees (bonding) .
  • Legal opinion: from implementing your foreign office to adjusting your international sales conditions.
  • Credit management: delivery of commercial information as well as analysis and audit of your credit management procedures to optimize your accounts receivable follow-up
  • Commercial: custom developed solutions to help your business (local) in th einitiation of further development of a particular foreign market.
  • Collection services: around the world with a web-based follow-up on a "no cure no pay" basis, with no subscription or administration fee, no minimum number of files or exclusivity and even for disputed cases.

As a "mediator" they are building bridges and creating win-win situations. This they usually do by optimizing the guarantee ( = coverages) and by reducing the costs (via a market study) with the result that the cliënt gets a better and cheaper insurance.

Case study:a Dutch producer of a (tailormade) cheese machine (worth 1MIO USD) wishes to conclude a deal with a prospect in Russia. The prospect asks a credit of 3 to 5 years. The producer immediately wants his money. We ensure that the producer immediately gets 85% of his money after a deposit of the cliënt of 15% (without the intervention of a banker).

Do not hesitate to contact us, to see how we can help you and your company. We will be glad to listen and to help you!.


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