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Bring the best of the two together, shoulder-to-shoulder to get a good result and learn from the things that can be improved.
José van Helden
Director - owner Van Helden International Business.
Van Helden International Business focuses on services in the Business to Business, nationally and internationally. Simply explained: One person-company-organization "has it", another person-company-organization is "looking for it". I bring those two together, nationally and internationally.
You can also contact me for worldwide reliable contacts in all kinds of trade.
My specialty is working with the Middle East. Especially companies from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Emirates, use my services and in I cooperate in these with reliable business partners. Also in Europe I work with cliënts as for example from Belgium and Italy.
Companies and or individuals from the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe or the world, who want to start a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, are at Van Helden international Business at the right address.
Guidance and counseling, both in the range prior to the establishment of the company as from the moment the company is located, is given in a highly professional manner. This is due to both my own business experience I gained in Saudi Arabia and Dubai as well as the cooperation with a local company in the Emirates. The company in the Emirates has a strong position in the business market. This is because the founder/ chairman of this company is a local, possesses national and international expertise and has a strong relationship with the UAE. On the local market as well as in the GCC Chambers of Commerce, and the Government of the UAE, there are very good contacts. Also in the field of tenders and projects, this business can mean a lot to you.
This company has the objective to enter in a good long-term cooperation and will do anything to guide the company which is based in the UAE, and make it a success.
If you want to start your company in Belgium, China and Saudi Arabia, my specialized business partners based in these countries, will support you.
If you are a Dutch company and your goal is to export your product, Van Helden International Business will support and advise you step by step and will help you to develop your business plan and - or export plan.
Dutch companies who are exporting or want to start with export, can be advised or guided by Van Helden International Business.
You can also view this website to see a variety of national and international clients I have in my portfolio.
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